Becky Madill

Alumni Coordinator

Meet Becky

Becky Madill has been a part of Deer Hollow for the past five years and currently serves as the alumni coordinator—a position she thoroughly enjoys. Interacting with former clients is her primary responsibility, which involves regular check-ins, running virtual groups via Zoom to foster connections, and staying updated on their endeavors as well as their families. It is a role that brings her immense satisfaction and allows her to witness the positive transformations in their lives.
Becky is from Utah, specifically Davis County in the towns of Kaysville and Bountiful. She is a proud mother of five children, all of whom actively participate in competitive soccer. Outside of her role at Deer Hollow, this consumes much of Becky’s time and forms a significant part of her identity. Looking to further her education, she is set to commence her graduate studies at the University of Utah, pursuing a Masters of Social Work.
When asked about her favorite aspects of working at Deer Hollow, Becky highlights two key aspects. Firstly, she expresses a personal affinity for the organization’s environment and her colleagues, appreciating the valuable knowledge and skills she has gained throughout her tenure. Secondly, she takes great pleasure in observing the progress and positive changes clients make, as these transformations have far-reaching effects on their lives and their loved ones. Becky’s unique vantage point as the alumni coordinator grants her a comprehensive view of Deer Hollow’s impact.
Reflecting on her time at Deer Hollow, Becky fondly recalls her early days as a technician, particularly the moments when they would become snowed in, leading to spontaneous overnight stays at the theater due to inaccessible roads. However, her favorite memories revolve around her interactions with alumni. One highlight includes their participation in a Friday night softball team, where they engage in friendly matches. Additionally, their yearly tradition of traveling to Washington and playing Whirlyball—an exciting fusion of lacrosse, quidditch, and bumper cars—brings immense enjoyment to everyone involved.
To stay motivated, Becky cherishes the quote by Camilla Kimball: “Never suppress a generous thought.” This reminder encourages her to maintain an open heart and always embrace kindness and compassion. As for her personal joy, she finds it in her family, particularly her children, who bring her immense happiness. Exploring new activities and experiences also fuels her joy, and she particularly enjoys people-watching, imagining how others perceive and experience the world. By stepping out of the mundane and seeing things through different perspectives, Becky finds a deep sense of fulfillment.