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Deer Hollow emphasizes the importance of continued support and connection for our clients after treatment. Our alumni program strives to create an ever-growing community that serves as a lifelong network of support between individuals with shared experience. The program is designed to be accessible to all graduates and aims to be a foundational part of your transition back into life.

Our Program

Our program is designed to be robust and inclusive, with regular in-state and out-of-state participants joining us weekly. We offer a variety of alumni groups held either weekly or bi-monthly through video conferencing to ensure continued support and engagement. Our offerings include:

Alumni Groups

Virtual Yoga:

Join our Virtual Yoga sessions to enhance your physical and mental well-being. These sessions focus on relaxation, mindfulness, and stress reduction, tailored to support your recovery journey.

Check-In Group:

Our Check-In Group provides a safe and supportive space for alumni to share their experiences, challenges, and successes. This group fosters a sense of community and connection, helping you stay on track with your recovery goals.

Addiction Recovery Dharma:

This group integrates Buddhist principles with addiction recovery practices. It offers a unique approach to understanding and overcoming addiction, emphasizing mindfulness, compassion, and self-awareness.

Alumni Activities and Events

We believe in the power of community and continuous engagement. To support our alumni, we hold in-person activities both in-state and out-of-state on a quarterly basis. These events are designed to foster connections, promote well-being, and provide fun and meaningful experiences.

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Quarterly In-Person Activities

Outdoor Adventures:

Explore the great outdoors with our adventurous activities, including hiking, camping, and nature walks. These experiences promote physical health and a connection with nature.

Arts and Culture:

Immerse yourself in arts and culture through visits to museums, theater outings, and creative workshops. These events inspire creativity and offer cultural enrichment.

Wellness and Relaxation:

Prioritize your well-being with our wellness and relaxation events. These activities include meditation sessions, and other relaxing experiences designed to rejuvenate and refresh.

Educational Workshops:

Enhance your knowledge and skills with our educational workshops. These sessions cover a variety of topics to support personal growth and continuous learning.

Social Gatherings:

Enjoy the camaraderie and connection of gathering over meals. These informal meet-ups provide a relaxed environment to bond with fellow alumni.

Stay Connected with the Deer Hollow Alumni App

Our Deer Hollow mobile application is designed to help our alumni stay connected, supported, and engaged in their recovery journey after graduating from our programs.

App Features

Virtual Groups:

Access all virtual group sessions directly through the app. Stay engaged with our community through weekly or bi-monthly video conferencing groups such as Virtual Yoga, Check-In Group, and Addiction Recovery Dharma.

Event Calendar:

Stay informed about all upcoming events with our integrated calendar. Plan ahead and never miss out on quarterly in-person activities or other special events.

Our app features a user-friendly interface, enabling alumni to:

  • Document their thoughts and emotions in a journal
  • Monitor their progress over time
  • Utilize clinical tools learned during treatment

Additionally, the app provides easy access to the Deer Hollow Alumni Community, allowing you to stay connected with fellow alumni and continue building a supportive network.

Deer Hollow Alumni App

Trace Barney

Alumni Program Manager

Trace has devoted his entire career to serving others. He has served his community as a Police Officer for the City of West Jordan and is a certified Crisis Intervention Team member (CIT). Trace also has experience working as a Certified Crisis Worker (CCW) on the 988 National Crisis Line.

Trace has a passion for mental health and a huge heart when it comes to helping those in need. As a fellow Deer Hollow Alumni, he brings an invaluable personal connection while working on the Alumni Team to expand the Deer Hollow Alumni Program.

Kristin Maynes

Alumni Coordinator

Kristin brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to the Alumni Program. Kristin’s passion for supporting people in recovery stems from her own experiences and challenges, and she believes everyone deserves a chance to rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose. Whether it’s connecting our alumni with resources, organizing events, or simply lending an empathetic ear, Kristin is dedicated to fostering a supportive community where everyone feels seen and valued.

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