First Responders

Deer Hollow specializes in working with First Responders. The clinical team has an extensive history and cultural competence to effectively treat the often invisible wounds brought on by their professions.

Our treatment center has proven outcomes showing the successful work we have done with this unique population.

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Jared Nesary

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran & Retired Law Enforcement Officer

"You are never alone.” -Jared Nesary

Jared is a United States Marine Corps Veteran with 22 years in law enforcement. Jared worked most of his patrol assignment on a swing or graveyard shift. Jared spent 9 years on SWAT, 10 years on Honor Guard, handled two Patrol K-9’s “Bruno” and “Yogi” (Da-Bear) was a Gang Officer, School Resource Officer, Peer Support Officer, and was the Department Training Officer, lead Active Shooter/Rescue Task Force Instructor and the Lead De-Escalation Instructor for the Yakima Police Department when he retired in December 2020.

His personal story, energy, and empathetic approach have enabled him to begin a new career with Deer Hollow Recovery. This path now allows him to connect with individuals in the Military, Veterans, and First Responder Community to facilitate local training and smash the stigma of PTSD.

Jared’s passion for improving mental health and wellness among Military, Veterans, and First Responders is beyond compare. His daily inspiration is to be a part of a team that is a beacon of hope in the darkness of trauma and PTSD.

Matt Quackenbush , LCSW

Training Facilitator

Matt Quackenbush is an experienced therapist and mental health advocate with over 12 years of experience and practice in the treatment of trauma and addiction. A University of Utah alum, Matt's extensive training, and experience include expertise in the most cutting edge treatment modalities of EMDR, Mind-Body Bridging, CPT, DBT, and ACT. Matt is a husband and father to four children. He is passionate about fitness, health, and nutrition. Most importantly, Matt has dedicated his life to learning about and treating trauma and addiction, leading his clients through their journey with his unique passionate and empathic approach.

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