Matt Quackenbush

Director of Education and Training

Meet Matt

Matt Quackenbush is an exceptional individual whose dedication and passion shine through in his role at Deer Hollow. Born and raised in San Diego before making the move to Lehi, Matt brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his work. With four children of his own, Matt’s family is a central part of his life, and he finds joy in attending his kids’ sporting events and cherishing moments together. In his free time, he indulges in his love for travel, yoga, and reading.
For the past seven years, Matt has been an integral part of the Deer Hollow team. As the Director of Education and Trainings, he plays a vital role in creating informative content that educates both potential clientele and the wider first responder community about topics such as PTSD, trauma, and mental health. Alongside Jared Nesray, Matt frequently travels across the country, delivering impactful talks on trauma and mental health for first responders.
One of Matt’s favorite aspects of working at Deer Hollow is the organization’s willingness to be bold and initiate change within established communities. With an unapologetic approach, Deer Hollow challenges the status quo, fostering effective transformation and unity. The people he works with are not only awesome but also passionate and motivated, making the workplace an inspiring environment.
Reflecting on his time at Deer Hollow, Matt holds a special place in his heart for the moments spent in the “pain box.” These experiences have undoubtedly shaped his understanding and compassion for those seeking healing and growth.
Helping others create positive change, spending time with his family, witnessing his children’s development, and embracing the joy of learning are all sources of immense happiness for Matt. With his unwavering commitment and genuine care for others, Matt Quackenbush continues to make a lasting impact within the Deer Hollow community and beyond.