Contact our Admissions Team for more information and clarification regarding our policies.

Tobacco Policy:

Tobacco use IS permitted at the facility. This includes; cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco. NO loose tobacco is allowed. All products must be new and sealed upon arrival at the facility. All e-cigarettes juices and atomizers must be new and sealed upon arrival. Clients are required to smoke in designated areas, and smoking will be limited to break times, and before/after programming. Clients must abide by the Federal age requirement of 21 years of age for tobacco purchase and use.

Cell Phone Policy:

Personal Cell phone use is NOT permitted while in Residential treatment. Clients have access to an “In-house” phone during scheduled call times.

Laptop Policy:

Personal Laptop use is NOT permitted while in Residential treatment.

Smart Watch Policy:

Smart Watches of any make/model are NOT permitted to be worn or used while in our care. Mechanical and digital watches are allowed and encouraged.

Visitation Policy:

We are currently using web-based video conferencing in place of in-person visits. Family communication will be coordinated and approved with your Primary Therapist.

What is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

Medication Assisted Treatment combines behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use addiction. Vivitrol and Naltrexone are approved and utilized as an option for clients in our care.

Do you offer Private Rooms?

Our center has been designed for room sharing. Private rooms MAY be available based on clinical guidelines and availability.

Are there laundry facilities on site?


Can I bring my own pillow and blanket?


Can clients send and receive letters and packages?

Yes. Please have mail sent directly to the address below that corresponds with the client’s location.

Pioneer House
1481 E. Pioneer Rd.
Draper, UT, 84020
Deer Hollow Recovery
Attn: Client Name

1601 E. 13200 S.
Draper, UT, 84020
Deer Hollow Recovery
Attn: Client Name

13013 Shadowlands Ln
Draper, UT, 84020
Deer Hollow Recovery
Attn: Client Name

Can I have the newspaper delivered to the facility?


Can I bring essential oils?

Yes. All products must be new and sealed upon arrival to the facility.

Can I bring an MP3 Player?

Yes. The only restrictions apply to a player that has camera or Wifi access.

Should I bring my medications?

Yes. Please bring all of your current medications in their original prescription bottles. 

How much family involvement is permitted with programming?

We recognize the importance of integrating family into the recovery process, and family involvement is assessed and encouraged on an individual basis. Together with your primary therapist, you will create a treatment plan which can include family therapy at an interval that is supportive to you.

What is the average length of stay?

The initial part of your journey will be an anticipated 35-40 days. We also offer a full continuum of care through Outpatient Services and Recovery Residences.

Can I bring a personal musical instrument?

To ensure a harmonious environment, we require that you choose an instrument no larger than the average size of a guitar. Playing will be permitted during personal free time, with the understanding that it should not cause disturbance or distraction to fellow clients. Please be aware that if the instrument becomes disruptive, its usage may be restricted or the privilege may be revoked. When not in use, the instrument will be stored in the designated staff area.

Can I bring nutritional supplements?

Yes. Each nutritional supplement is subject to individual approval by our medical provider on a case-by-case basis.

Can I bring personal reading material?


Will I have an individual therapist?

Yes .As part of our residential program, each client is assigned a dedicated individual therapist who will provide support and guidance throughout their entire stay. You will have the opportunity to meet with your assigned therapist on a weekly basis. This consistent therapeutic relationship aims to ensure continuity and a focused approach to your progress and well-being during your residential stay.

Are detoxification services available on-site?

No. While we do not offer on-site detoxification services, we prioritize your well-being and collaborate closely with community partners. Our goal is to ensure that you receive proper medical attention and a comfortable detox experience before commencing treatment with us. We work in coordination with trusted partners to ensure that you are medically safe and supported throughout the detoxification process.

What items should I bring with me for my stay?

  • Insurance Card
  • Credit/Debit cards and/or a small amount of cash
  • Casual summer clothing: shorts, T-shirts, hat, flip flops, and hiking shoes
  • Casual winter clothing: sweats, jeans, hoodies, beanies, warm socks, and hiking shoes
  • Gym clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Shower shoes
  • Toiletries (towels, linens, & detergent are provided)
  • Personal audio player
  • Reading materials, journals, highlighters, and pens are all encouraged.

**Towels, linens, and laundry detergent are provided by Deer Hollow.