It is an honor to witness our clients’ successes and see them transform their lives.

Hear from our Alumni – Matt Kilner

“Deer Hollow is an amazing facility that treats the root of the issue. The trauma work that is being done is above anything I have seen. The admissions team is honest and helpful with every step of the way. Thank you Deer Hollow for all that you have done.”

“I have worked in different areas of law enforcement since 1994 and I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2007. The counseling I sought out did little to help my struggles. In 2018, I was drinking heavily and went to a trauma treatment center in California. Once again, it did little for me because their “trauma program” did not have any therapeutic treatment. Shortly after I got out, I spiraled downhill again in desperation, depression, racing thoughts, and isolation. I’d lost my love of life. Some of my law enforcement family recommended Deer Hollow. The therapeutic team there is incredible. They don’t just counsel you; they teach you, utilizing statistically-proven methods like DBT, CPT, EMDR and many other interventions and tools that have changed my life. I highly recommend Deer Hollow to both law enforcement and military people who are struggling with their trauma. They are amazing.”
– S.A.

Hear from our Alumni – Dani Devos

“This place is amazing! I have never worked with any other recover center that cares so much about those they serve. Highly recommend checking them out if you are in need of help.”

“My experience with Deer Hollow has been amazing. I came in as a broken down, scared, tore up, lost woman. Through the love and patience from the staff at Deer Hollow I was able to grow and learn to be a member of society. The staff is so willing to listen, give advice, laugh, be serious, and everything in between. My journey didn’t end with Deer Hollow when I coined out. I get a call from someone at least once a month to check on me and make sure I am doing OK. I also call in a lot when I am having a hard time or need to hear a familiar voice and I am never turned away. Deer Hollow has become my safe place, and my family. I couldn’t have picked a better treatment center to start my journey in. I have a relationship with my children again. I will forever be grateful for what Deer Hollow gave me.”
– J.T.

“If I could give this place 10 stars I would. Deer Hollow is the best! Staff that genuinely care and help set you up for long term success and recovery. I will forever be grateful for this place and the amazing team that helped me change my life around for the better.”
– F.M.

Hear from our Alumni – Mike Young

“I received the best possible care at Deer Hollow Recovery Center two months ago. This facility saved my life. Their Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Center in Utah is fantastic. The therapists are extremely competent and truly care about you as a person. They are the absolute best!”

Hear from our Alumni – Dawn Hunter

“I started experiencing severe symptoms of PTSD years after symptoms actually started appearing. I did not know what was happening, but I knew it was very unpleasant. The overwhelming anxiety, depression, and inability to sleep for a reasonable period of time forced me to acknowledge I had a problem, and I did not know what to do. After much praying, and a series of contacts with different people, I was encouraged to go to Deer Hollow. I received more benefit than I imagined possible from Deer Hollow. My marriage was good before, and it is excellent since Deer Hollow. I am a better father and a better friend since my time at Deer Hollow. I am also back to work as a detective and able to manage the PTSD symptoms effectively with many of the tools I learned, so the symptoms no longer control my life. I often tell people the way my PTSD eventually manifested itself was negative in a way unlike anything I have ever experienced. If you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD, I cannot recommend Deer Hollow more highly.”
– B.P.

“Deer Hollow saved my life. I struggled with addiction for 8 years and going there taught me how to love and respect myself again. I was able to go through their inpatient, outpatient, and sober living and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Through the duration of my program I was able to meet so many amazing people and form relationships that will last a lifetime.”
– B.G.

Hear from our Alumni – Jim Wolcott

“Having been to many treatment centers, I can honestly say, Deer Hollow is by far the most dedicated to individual care and personalized treatment. I have felt alone in my issues for my entire life, until my time at Deer Hollow. Be prepared to do the work asked of you, if you want the results. If not, just go to any cookie cutter treatment center. This place is truly different with some of the most professional staff I have ever encountered.
– G.A.