Family Support Program

The Deer Hollow Family Support Program is an integral part of Deer Hollow, designed to assist families in supporting their family members who are clients in Deer Hollow residential programs. The goal of the family support program is to help families prepare for their clients’ return home and enhance their overall Deer Hollow experience as a family.

Deer Hollow provides online instructional materials to support family members, offering explanations of the treatment philosophies and modalities employed within our curriculum.

Online programming allows families to:

  • Track their family member’s treatment progress.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Deer Hollow’s programs through online resources.

Treatment can be integrated into family life after the client’s return home through meaningful discussions.

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The family support program also establishes a personal connection with family members to address specific therapeutic concerns during treatment and while planning for the client’s return home. Weekly family support groups are provided to facilitate networking among family members, as well as to discuss strategies to support their family members and plan for the future beyond Deer Hollow.
The Deer Hollow Family Support Program is continuously expanding to offer more direct support for long-term healing. This includes limited family sessions while the client is at Deer Hollow, helping families gain a deeper understanding of their clients’ learning and initiating the integration of the healing process within the family, even during the clients’ stay at Deer Hollow. We are always exploring additional methods to support the long-term healing and well-being of the family, fostering the incorporation of practices and investments made at Deer Hollow.
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