Brent Cunningham


Meet Brent

Brent Cunningham is a highly experienced therapist at Deer Hollow with an impressive career spanning 32 years. Having joined Deer Hollow just a year ago, Brent brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. His extensive background includes serving as a first responder from 1970 to 1980, where he was a part of the esteemed robbery homicide task force and received specialized training in robbery and homicide from the FBI. Brent’s diverse experience also encompasses working in corporate security for 7-11 and serving as a field training officer in Oregon. Additionally, since 1992, Brent has been personally dedicated to his own recovery journey. Throughout his career, Brent has worked at every level of treatment, including substance abuse counseling, juvenile drug court, courts as a DUI evaluator, and providing counseling services in hospital settings. He is also well-versed in facilitating educational classes on various topics such as relationship dynamics, addictive behaviors, and experiential therapy. Brent’s expertise extends to conducting high-level ropes courses that utilize metaphors to facilitate personal growth and transformation. At Deer Hollow, Brent is actively involved in teaching both the PHP. group and the IOP group, demonstrating his commitment to imparting knowledge and empowering individuals on their recovery journeys.