How Do I Know if Deer Hollow is the Right Choice for Me?

Have you experienced some form of emotional, spiritual, or physical wound from a trauma that has gone unprocessed and is still causing pain and suffering? Then Deer Hollow PTSD Treatment Center Draper UT are the right program for you. Trauma can be caused by any event, such as those involving abuse, combat, or in the line of duty. Traumatic injury can also be very subtle, and wounds can be caused by a culmination of life events that have built up.

Intensive Trauma Programming

Most therapy is spent exploring the unhealthy things we are doing in our life to cope with the underlying pain and wound, such as the addictions and unhealthy behaviors. Deer Hollow is unlike any other recovery and wellness program; rather than focusing simply on the behaviors, we do a deep dive to explore and reintegrate the traumas in a meaningful way.

To truly step into healing, excavation of the roots that caused the behaviors to exist needs to happen. At Deer Hollow, Our PTSD treatment in Utah are skilled at safely digging up the roots to help the unwanted behaviors stop. We use cutting edge, evidence based, best practice intensive trauma programming. Our Trauma Rehab in Utah has unique combination of modalities that creates the most effective formulary to achieve maximum healing potential.

Trauma & PTSD Self Evaluation

A traumatic experience is defined as any event that causes real or perceived threat to emotional, physical or spiritual safety.
The following signs can appear any time after the experience or may not show up for weeks, months or years later. The more traumatic experiences someone has, the higher the likelihood of these indicators.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Indicators

  • Feeling overwhelmed and flooded emotionally
  • Feeling trapped, shut in, or crowded
  • Extreme impatience, anger, irritability, rage or restlessness
  • Loss of a sense of security and safety
  • Fears of injury or death of yourself or family members
  • Strong emotions associated with the traumatic event
  • Feeling distracted, lack of concentration, disorganized thoughts or inability to organize plans or problem solve
  • Emotional numbness, unable to experience emotions (other than anger, fear, frustration), feeling detached
  • Feeling disconnected or detached from loved ones or unable to experience love, joy, or positive emotions

It’s to be expected that these signs, symptoms and behaviors show up after a trauma. They are normal reactions to an abnormal event. If you are experiencing two or more of the above reactions, and if they’re causing impairment and don’t lessen over time, it could be beneficial to seek professional help.

Deer Hollow Trauma Treatment Center Draper UT has a unique formulary designed to help individuals heal from the effects of traumatic wounds.

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