Individualized care

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Our Mission

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Our goal is to empower those affected by the disease of addiction and help them overcome the bonds of dependency. We offer treatment of the highest quality for those suffering addiction and co-occurring disorders in a private, compassionate setting within a safe and secure location. We seek to eliminate fear and hopelessness by providing heightened life and recovery skills to prepare our residents their mission to actualize a life of true freedom and happiness.

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Empowering Residents to Change Their Lives

In treating addiction, and co-occurring mental health diagnoses, we have found that each person needs specialized attention, from a highly-trained staff, who will be their teacher, advocate and supporter, throughout the recovery process. Our experienced and professional staff uses focused, individualized treatment plans to do just that. Our approach is personal, yet comprehensive, and treats the medical, physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of our clients as they pursue healing. 

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