The Role & Benefits of an Inpatient Trauma Treatment Center

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An inpatient trauma treatment center can be a worthwhile option for people facing severe emotional or psychological trauma. These specialized facilities provide an immersive healing environment where you’re supported by a team of multidisciplinary experts dedicated to your recovery.

As part of our commitment to treating trauma at its core, Deer Hollow offers 24/7 support and a comprehensive range of therapies to ensure you’re never alone in your healing journey.

What Sets Inpatient Trauma Treatment Centers Apart?

Unlike outpatient services, inpatient trauma treatment centers use a broad approach to trauma recovery. They provide:

  • Round-the-clock medical and emotional support, ensuring help is always available, especially in times of crisis.
  • A safe space for clients to explore and confront their trauma under professional guidance.
  • A wide range of both traditional and alternative therapies, from cognitive-behavioral therapy to mindfulness techniques.

Together, these various methods offer a multi-layered treatment plan that addresses trauma’s complexity from every angle, making them an exceptional choice for individuals needing comprehensive care.

The Multidisciplinary Approach of an Inpatient Trauma Treatment Center

Deer Hollow’s approach to inpatient trauma treatment differs significantly from other mental health programs, focusing on:

  • Evidence-based, proven therapies that are tailored to each individual’s unique needs.
  • Treating the whole person, from trauma’s root cause to the unhealthy or destructive ways it manifests in your life.
  • Providing a safe and supportive environment that fosters profound life changes.

What Our Program Includes

  • Thirty-five weekly hours dedicated to group therapy sessions
  • An individual therapist
  • Case management
  • Family education
  • Yoga and recreational outings
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Community involvement

This multi-faceted approach is extremely beneficial in treating trauma from various angles, giving patients a clear path to wellness, wholeness, and recovery.

Success Stories: The Long-term Benefits of Choosing an Inpatient Trauma Treatment Center

Many people who experience inpatient trauma care say it improves their quality of life, reduces trauma-based symptoms, and increases their ability to cope with daily challenges. At Deer Hollow, we personalize treatments and strategies to your unique circumstances, applying a unique combination of treatments or modalities to treat trauma at its core. We care deeply about your well-being and recovery.

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