Protect your peace: Dealing with rude comments online

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??????????????????????????????????????????While you’ll likely encounter a community of people who support you and your recovery goals, sometimes negativity creeps in. If you intend to maintain a presence on social media during your treatment, this can be an unfortunate reality. Sometimes you have to weigh the good vs. the bad in this context. Ughhh! That said, here’s how to handle pushback with grace:

1. Know that the problem is them, not you.

What gives? When people leave ignorant comments on your posts, they likely have something of their own going on and they’re projecting. Snarky comments speak to their character, not yours. However, how you react speaks to yours, and you can choose to engage or not. Not every battle is worth fighting, after all.

2. Disengage.

It’s much easier to move on with your day if the comments are no longer there to get under your skin. If possible delete the comment and don’t acknowledge it. The person behind the comment is likely looking for a rise out of you. Don’t indulge them. If you must address the situation, take a few hours (or even days) to formulate your response and try to remove the emotion from the exchange.

3. Lean into your tribe.

The chances are good that positive words far outweigh the negative ones. Don’t underestimate those who show up for you. Affirming comments matter more than slights, no matter how hurtful. If it helps, screenshot the helpful comments and keep them in a place to look at when you need some encouragement. Simply reading those may be what you need to adjust your mindset and attitude after an unpleasant encounter online.

4. Talk to a buddy.

Maybe you know someone who’s also going through recovery. They probably can relate to your struggles. Even if they don’t have solid advice, simply knowing they understand and are willing to lend an ear can make you feel seen and heard when you’re feeling most vulnerable.

We realize these tips might seem easier in theory than in practice. Sometimes hurtful words really get to us and despite trying our best we can’t seem to shake them. However, as time passes, the pain begins to dull. In the meantime, keep these tips in mind to protect your peace. Even if you don’t feel better right away, they may make the situation seem just a little smaller in the grand scheme of your recovery. You’ve got this! Also, don’t forget we’re always in your corner.