Interview: Katia Zemlin

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Katia Zemlin is from Nevada, specifically Elko, and later moved to Mesquite before settling in Utah for the past five years. With a smaller family circle impacted by mental health and substance abuse, Katia has been actively involved in serving the substance abuse community, offering her time and support. Katia loves the great outdoors, spending her leisure time in the mountains and engaging in activities like hiking and mountain biking, as well as spending time with her partner and pets. Katia was married in September of 2022, and her pets include three cats and a dog. 


Professionally, Katia has been an integral part of Deer Hollow for approximately a year, serving as the lead client care coordinator. Her role allows her to utilize her strengths and interests to support the organization’s mission. One of her favorite aspects of working at Deer Hollow is the remarkable teamwork and uplifting atmosphere that contrasts starkly with her previous facility experience. Feeling valued and supported, Katia appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of others and witness the positive impact of her work. Katia has also been personally committed to bringing recovery initiatives into the Queer community. 


When reflecting on cherished memories at Deer Hollow, Katia recalls a particularly emotional moment in May of the previous year. During an all-staff meeting following a company transition, the owner of Deer Hollow expressed sincere appreciation for the team, emphasizing their value and importance within the organization. This heartwarming gesture further solidified Katia’s belief in the genuine care and respect present at Deer Hollow.


In terms of personal inspiration, Katia loves the quote, “You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.” This reminder resonates with her as she finds joy in interacting with people, offering them love, kindness, and compassion, and balancing that with finding personal fulfillment and happiness. Through her work, she has the privilege of showing up for others and supporting them on their journey.


As someone in recovery herself and with a personal experience of ADHD, Katia thrives in the dynamic environment at Deer Hollow. She appreciates the opportunity to work on different projects and collaborate with various teams, allowing her to leverage her strengths and contribute to the growth of her colleagues. Katia finds immense fulfillment in her daily tasks, which continually astound her.


Given her background, Katia recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between the individuals she serves and their potential. As a client care coordinator, she uses her firsthand experience to remind others, especially first responders, about the significance of self-care. By helping these individuals develop strategies to take care of themselves, Katia plays a vital role in crafting a fulfilling life for them outside of their demanding professions. Because she understands their unique needs and challenges, she aims to facilitate a healthy and supportive transition for first responders when they return home.