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Family Program

Working closely with our client’s families and loved ones improves the transition back into their community. By providing those closest to the client with the necessary resources, we believe the post-treatment transition will be more positive and improve relationships in and outside of the family.

Our Family Program offers a neutral therapeutic setting where families can interact and learn helpful tools that can be utilized once a client returns home. Deer Hollow is passionate about helping to restore lives and relationships after trauma and has organized a specific curriculum for our Family Program with this goal in mind. We encourage family members to attend the weekend and benefit from personal growth and healing.

Listed below are some of the expected outcomes from attending our Family Program:

  • Families will understand what constitutes trauma
  • Families will express their expectations and fears going forward after discharge
  • Clients will express their expectations and fears going forward after discharge
  • Families and clients will understand the need for boundaries
  • Families and clients will work together to identify initial boundaries

Frequently Asked Questions

How many loved ones are allowed to attend?

Two attendees per client. All attendees must be over 18 years old.

Can clients visit with attendees after programming?

Clients are allowed therapeutic passes if it is clinically appropriate.

Is food and lodging provided?

We provide breakfast and lunch. Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and lodging accommodations.

How often is Family Programming held?

Every 4 weeks on Saturday and Sunday.

Who do I contact for more information and scheduling?

The Clients’ primary therapist.

Is there an additional cost to participate?

No. Participation is optional and included with residential treatment.

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