Recovery Residence

Why Choose A Recovery Residence?

The transitional phase from detox or inpatient care back into everyday life is a very crucial time in recovery. Deer Hollow recognizes the importance of creating a safe and comfortable living space where clients will continue to progress. Our Recovery Residences offer independent living where individuals can practice daily life skills and accountability while continuing Outpatient Treatment.

As clients prepare for a life without substance use, they often face the kind of temptations that can threaten their sobriety. Making the decision to move into our Recovery Residence gives our clients the critical tools they need to continue overcoming real life challenges. We provide essential support as they leave residential treatment to rejoin society.

  • Experienced, Reliable and Supportive Community
  • Transportation provided to/from Outpatient Programming
  • Weekly House Meetings
  • Daily Personal Accountability

"I am extremely grateful for the sober living here at Deer Hollow. It has allowed me to gain an understanding of life outside of treatment with accountability. I believe this has helped me greatly in sustaining my sobriety as long as I have. I feel this has been the best transition back into society I could have done. This has been an amazing experience for my life. Deer hollow has treated me very well."


Male Residence

The Men’s Recovery Residence offers a fully furnished home that includes spacious shared bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, dining area, and washer/dryer. This Draper home is located near the Trax Station, with close access to bus stops and local businesses.

  • 4500 sq. ft. house in a residential neighborhood
  • 5 Bedrooms/ 3 Bathrooms
  • 2 Car garage
  • Landscaped front yard & rear deck
  • Wifi & Cable Included

Female Residence

The Women's Recovery Residence offers a newly remodeled, fully furnished home with shared bedrooms, living rooms and dining space. This Draper home offers close access to bus stops and local businesses.

  • 2200 sq. ft. house in a residential neighborhood
  • 4 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Car garage / 2 Car parking pad
  • Wifi & Cable Included

"I was always supported by staff whenever a problem arose within the house or just when I needed help. I believe that sober living was a great way to build a strong foundation for my sobriety. I am so grateful for my time at the house and the friendships with the women who came into the house. I now know that I will always have my Deer Hollow family in my life and for that I am grateful."

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