Deer Hollow Alumni Experiences

"I started experiencing severe symptoms of PTSD years after symptoms actually started appearing. I did not know what was happening but I knew it was very unpleasant. The overwhelming anxiety, depression, and inability to sleep for a reasonable period of time forced me to acknowledge I had a problem and I did not know what to do. After much praying, and a series of contacts with different people, I was encouraged to go to Deer Hollow. I received more benefit than I imagined possible from Deer Hollow. Every person on staff at Deer Hollow was fabulous. The therapists are fantastic. They care about every person that comes through their program and are invested and well equipped to help each person address his or her trauma as much as they can. My marriage was good before, and it is excellent since Deer Hollow. I am a better father and a better friend since my time at Deer Hollow. I am also back to work as a detective and able to manage the PTSD symptoms effectively with many of the tools I learned, so the symptoms no longer control my life. I have encouraged many others to go to Deer Hollow since being back. I often tell people the way my PTSD eventually manifested itself was negative in a way unlike anything I have ever experienced. I also tell people, my time at Deer Hollow was positive in a way unlike anything I have experienced. If you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD, I cannot recommend Deer Hollow more highly."
-- B.P.

Hear from Deer Hollow Alumni Steve

"I have worked in different areas of law enforcement since 1994 and I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2007. The counseling I sought out did little to help my struggles. In 2018, I was drinking heavily and went to a trauma treatment center in California. Once again, it did little for me because their “trauma program” did not have any therapeutic treatment. Shortly after I got out, I spiraled downhill again in desperation, depression, racing thoughts and isolation. I’d lost my love of life. Some of my law enforcement family recommended Deer Hollow. On my second day there, I listened to Dr. Crawford’s lecture on PTSD 101 and I was blown away by the information. Everything she explained about PTSD pertained to what I felt every day! The therapeutic team there are incredible. They don’t just counsel you, they teach you, utilizing statistically-proven methods like DBT, CPT, EMDR and many other interventions and tools that have changed my life. They also provided the tools to get back into good physical shape by taking us to the gym five days a week, cross fit once a week, and yoga three days a week. I highly recommend Deer Hollow to both law enforcement and military people who are struggling with their trauma. They are amazing."
-- S.A.

Hear from Deer Hollow Alumni Mike

"My experience with Deer Hollow has been amazing. I came in as a broken down, scared, tore up, lost woman. Through the love and patience from the staff at Deer Hollow I was able to grow and learn to be a member of society. The staff is so willing to listen, give advice, laugh, be serious, and everything in between. Whatever I needed they were able to provide that for me. My journey didn’t end with Deer Hollow when I coined out. I get a call from someone at least once a month to check on me and make sure I am doing OK. I also call in a lot when I am having a hard time or need to hear a familiar voice and I am never turned away. Deer Hollow has become my safe place, and my family. I couldn’t have picked a better treatment center to start my journey in. I have a relationship with my children again. I will forever be grateful for what Deer Hollow gave me."
-- J.T.

"I was at a point where I didn't feel like I deserved another chance and Deer Hollow gave me a chance. I was there for 37 days and was able to work on my self and get a clear head. The staff helped me out a ton and talked to me like I was a human being. I played on the Deer Hollow softball team, which allowed me to meet sober people and learn how to have sober fun. I feel blessed to be apart of the Deer Hollow family."
-- B.W.

Hear from Deer Hollow Alumni Dani

"October 2015 I realized that alcohol was taking over my life after I almost lost my two front teeth. I had been toying with the idea of possibly being an alcoholic but my wakeup call began to finally happen when I slipped on my son's chalk and failed to put my hands up to protect my face. I came to my parents crying and suggested AA meetings, they were very concerned, and I pretended to care and attended meetings regularly, even showing up drunk, until November 16th 2015. My daughter was with my mom, my son with his Dad, and I was done with me. I took every pill I had in my house and then got scared, my kids deserved me and for once I deserved me. I called a friend I had met in AA and she took me to LDS Hospital. Two days later I checked myself into detox at the University Hospital.

I participated in everything I could during my time detoxing and realized I would have no hope of not just getting drunk again if I did not do something drastically different. I called my parents and convinced them to let me go into inpatient, with having a 3 and 8 year old it took some persuading because they would have to step in. Using the computer and telephone at the hospital I called around for places and Deer Hollow was the only one that answered. I got out of the hospital, went home and packed, and checked into rehab the next morning.

My time at Deer Hollow was not rainbows and unicorns. In fact my son's dad took him out of state and I didn't know if I would ever see him again. I regretted my decision every minute of every day until one day something changed. Using tools from groups, and individual therapy, as well as the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous the lights came on, as they say. I fought hard for my sobriety and really wanted it and through the help and support of Deer Hollow I am still sober today. Not only am I sober but I have a life I would of never had which has included both my children living with me full time, finishing my bachelor's degree, becoming certified to teach yoga, actually teaching yoga at a studio and treatment centers, and the list goes on and on. Deer Hollow was, and still is, invaluable to me and my recovery."
-- H.H.

Hear from Deer Hollow Alumni Holly