Trauma Rehab

If you struggle with trauma and want to understand how a trauma rehabilitation program could help you, we might have some answers. Trauma is a severe problem, and many times does require intervention and treatment, but where do you start?

Let’s discuss some of the details of our trauma rehabilitation program at Deer Hollow.

What is trauma rehab?

Trauma rehabilitation is just like any other kind of recovery. The goal is to relieve any trauma-related stress that makes a living particularly difficult. This doesn’t mean that trauma will completely disappear.

The focus of trauma rehab is for the patient to feel confident in their ability to cope with that stress. This way, the patient can work through trauma instead of trying to ignore it.

What does trauma feel like?

The symptoms and effects of trauma come in many different forms. Most commonly, someone dealing with trauma may suffer from anxiety or depression. They may be triggered to be hyper-responsive or more aggressive in situations where one wouldn’t normally.

Trauma survivors can become jumpy and paranoid or, conversely, withdrawn, and disconnected. Many of those who deal with trauma may even feel guilty or shameful because of it. The first thing to do if you or someone you love is dealing with any of these symptoms is to speak to a professional.

Can trauma be cured?

Trauma and trauma-related stress cannot be cured, unfortunately. Like most mental illnesses, we only understand so much about PTSD and other trauma disorders, so we don’t have a basis for completely curing one of them. Instead, we make sure that the survivor has the tools to deal with said trauma and manage it within their every-day stressors.

How does Deer Hollow treat trauma?

Deer Hollow focuses on what has been shown to work, which in the case of trauma is group therapy sessions. Studies have shown the benefits of speaking about trauma openly in a group. Though it may seem daunting at first, group therapy can be an amazing way of connecting with others who deal with similar traumatic stress and can lessen feelings of isolation or hopelessness.

Deer Hollow also makes sure to include recreational activities and community service outings, which have been shown to help patients feel more productive while under treatment. All of the mental health professionals at Deer Hollow are experts in their field and used evidence-based treatment to assist patients in the road to recovery.

Does trauma rehab work?

Like most forms of mental health treatment, trauma rehabilitation works as much as you want it to. Patients should know that you can only get what you put into this treatment. It isn’t a feel-good-fast rehab.

Our program is made to be a team effort between our clinicians, your group members, and you. It has been shown that patients that do put the time and effort into treatment like this are very likely to get positive results and to come out with a better outlook than when they came in.

We believe that trauma treatment shouldn’t be shameful. We all need help, and here at Deer Hollow, we have the resources and care to help you learn to cope with your trauma-related stress. We want to help you work through it. Are you ready?

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