Randi Reid

Residential Tech Manager

Meet Randi

Randi currently resides in Eagle Mountain but has also called South Weber, Wyoming, and Nevada home. Alongside raising her 11-year-old child, she finds joy in nurturing her garden and honing her crochet skills. Randi also enjoys exploring the mountains. For nearly three years, Randi has been an integral part of Deer Hollow, where she serves as the residential tech manager. In this role, she oversees the entire residential support staff, undertaking responsibilities such as recruitment, training, disciplinary matters, and ensuring the facility runs smoothly.

What Randi cherishes most about her work at Deer Hollow is witnessing the remarkable transformations of the clients she encounters, as even the most hardened and bitter individuals often leave completely transformed. One cherished memory from her time at Deer Hollow is the experience of starting as a graveyard tech and gradually ascending to a managerial position. As she reflects on that journey, one of her fondest moments is assembling her own team of dedicated individuals, selecting the best of the best who share her belief in the mission. They play a vital role in the lives of the clients, fostering a supportive environment and helping them on their path to recovery.

When asked about her favorite motivational quote, Randi finds inspiration in the words, However, it is her personal journey that brings her the most profound joy. Overcoming a five-year struggle with heroin addiction, Randi is approaching five years of sobriety this summer. The opportunity to show up as her best self and offer hope to those who are struggling and suffering is a source of immense fulfillment in her life.