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Rehabs in Ottawa Ontario

We, at Valiant Recovery, promote some of the most proficient rehabs in Ottawa, Ontario, where we offer comprehensive medical treatment, rehab therapy, and a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. At our center, you will finally leave your addiction behind, heal, and rebuild your life at your own pace.

How to help an addict?

If you know someone who is suffering from addiction, you can only help them by seeking professional assistance. The first threshold to overcome is convincing them to join the rehab immediately. For that, you may need to stage an intervention, with the help of one of our interventionists.

The procedure relies on an open discussion between the addict and family members, friends, and anyone who can influence their decisions and state of mind. It’s all about confronting them about the problem, reveal the impact of their addiction on those around them, and make promises and threats along the line. They must understand that you will withdraw your support if they keep refusing the treatment.

We advise you to avoid attempting an open confrontation without one of our experts present. The interventionist will identify and counter the addict’s manipulative behavior, which may include victimization, denial, anger, blaming others, etc. His presence is also vital for keeping the discussion on track and calming the interaction between the participants.

Get rehab treatment fast!

For fast, long-lasting recovery, you must enter the rehab as soon as possible. Substance addiction is a dangerous chronic disease that advances faster than you realize. It will quickly degrade your physiological functioning, leading to erratic behavior, financial problems, family issues, and more. In advanced stages, it can also lead to sudden death.

To prevent that, you must enter our rehabs in Ottawa, Ontario, today! Verify your clinical status by taking our online self-evaluation test and contact us for information about insurance coverage and for making an appointment! We are ready to take your case immediately.

Is alcohol and drug detox painful?

The detoxification process can come with physical discomfort and mental and emotional distress, which is why it is imperative to perform the procedure in a safe, controlled environment. We advise you to avoid any type of self-detox, due to you lacking the expertise necessary for the procedure.

By participating in our patient-oriented detoxification treatment, you know you will be in good hands. Our expert clinicians will:

  • Provide a calm, safe environment for detox and recovery
  • Adjust the medication strategy to your clinical profile
  • Correct the treatment according to your response
  • Make sure you advance in the right direction
  • Offer extensive support and care throughout the procedure, etc.

Is it possible to cure addiction?

Substance addiction is a chronic mental disease, which means there is no cure in the literal sense of the word. The best way to defeat the disease is by adopting extensive management and relapse prevention strategies. By joining our rehabs in Ottawa, Ontario, you will learn how to embrace a lifetime of sobriety, health, and freedom.

Valiant Recovery welcomes you in one of the most advanced rehab facilities in the industry. Contact us today, verify your insurance, and come to our center for screening and detox!

Rehabs in Ottawa Ontario
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