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Addiction can make a person feel like they are drowning at sea with no hope of being rescued. The world of addiction is a dark and scary place to be, which is why so many people suffering from this disease yearn to get help. However, seeking help for an addiction takes a lot of courage and strength that not everyone has. Some people will go and seek treatment for their addictions on their own, while others will spend years battling against their addiction demons.

Addiction has been classified as a medical disease, according to the American Medical Association. Some people still feel that addiction is a choice, regardless of the scientific evidence that proves otherwise. Addiction is when a person loses control over an activity that eventually consumes their entire life. Millions of people all across the nation and the world suffer in silence from their addictions.

Rehab Chatsworth

Once a person falls into the world of addiction, it can be tough to pull them back out again unless they want to seek help. If you or someone you know is struggling with the disease of addiction and wants help, there are multiple facilities out there that offer top of the line rehab treatments. One of the best facilities to turn to when struggling with addiction is White House Recovery and Detox. Unlike other facilities, White House Recovery and Detox makes it possible for working professionals to still work via a laptop or on a tablet during recovery.

The executive treatment program that is available allows patients to attend to important work details when they are not engaged in therapies or treatments. Some rehab facilities look down on this practice, but we feel that allow our patients to partake in their professional careers, we can entice more people to seek the treatment they need.

Multiple Therapy Options Available to Patients

Patients at our facility are able to take part in multiple therapy options that we have to offer. We believe that utilizing the proper tools and therapies can help people get to the root of their addiction so they can put it behind them. We have a full time professional chef who cooks up delectable meals that are wholesome, nutritious, and tasty. Plus, there are targeted individual and group therapies that allow people to see that they are not alone. Engaging with other people who suffer from addiction helps people feel less isolated and more powerful.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Options

A dual diagnosis is when a patient suffers from addiction and a mental health disorder at the same time. Unlike other facilities, our team at White House Recovery and Detox offers a dual diagnosis treatment program that provides treatment for both mental illness and addiction. With a safe and private living environment, patients are able to avoid environmental triggers that could potentially send them spiraling back into the world of addiction all over again. There has never been a better time to restart your life. Sober and healthy living is just around the corner at White House Recovery and Detox.

Rehab Chatsworth
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Rehab Chatsworth
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