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Outpatient Rehab Fresno Ca

The journey to recovery from any addiction challenge varies from time to time depending on the nature of the addiction and the level the patient is at. The administration of treatment also differs as treatment is unique to each challenge. Still, there are two types of rehab programs for patients; the outpatient and the inpatient.

Inpatient Rehab Fresno CA

A resident-based therapy program allows the patient to be admitted into an ideal facility, with constant care, a strong supportive community.

Outpatient Rehab Fresno CA

This is a program based entirely on a non-residential structure that allows the patient to continue to live their life outside of the treatment which means they can go home and come back while adhering to either a daily or weekly routine with a strict list of dos and don'ts.

Often, the choice to be an outpatient or inpatient is mostly dependent on the severity of the case and affordability. Still, there are low-cost addiction treatments in California that carry both. 

The outpatient program is for mild cases. Searching for the perfect outpatient rehab center in California, you have to know where you belong and what can work for you as there are four types of the outpatient program:

  1. Day Program: this outpatient rehab program structure requires the most availability and commitment from the patients. In this program, patients are required to be available at least five days a week in the daytime. They will participate in every evaluation and therapy that is offered in their treatments. 

  2. Intensive Outpatient Program: This drug rehab treatment structure in California is marked by milestones. Patients are given measurable challenges to hit and surpass, and as those milestones are marked, the hours required of the patient for therapy are reduced. This program is ideal for those who still want time to go to their jobs or continue their everyday lives outside of the recovery programs.

  3. Continuing Care: this program helps strengthen patients’ resolve to recover completely by assisting them to be true to their commitment. Most of what's required of patients in this group is a weekly meeting with a licensed therapist. Most continuing care groups are specific either in gender, age, or even aspects of recovery. 

  4. Co-occurring treatment program: This program is primarily for patients with dual diagnoses, usually a mental health situation alongside the drug/alcohol addiction. These patients require more care and attention than someone who is only treating addiction. The most effective treatment programs for these patients will include maximum availability of psychiatrists and therapists, mild symptoms of both situations, and an intensive outpatient treatment program.

Choosing to be an outpatient in a drug rehab program in CA is a decision that mainly benefits individuals with firm resolve and enough strength and commitment to stick to the recovery programs even outside the watch of caregivers. It has many benefits, including higher autonomy, flexibility, freedom to continue work and life outside of the treatment. For cost-saving rehabilitation, there are free drug rehab centers in California that go for next to nothing in the outpatient programs. 

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Outpatient Rehab Fresno Ca