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Your search for a safe and effective hydrocodone detox has not led you to Las Vegas Rapid Detox by accident. You or your loved one deserves a fresh start that can only come from getting through the detoxification process- and physicians from the Rapid Detox Medical Clinic understand just how hard that can be.

What if you could go through 8 days of detox in just 8 hours while you sleep through the entire detox process? What would it mean for the change you are seeking if you could come out on the other side of detox with no physical pain or cravings? Physicians at the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Clinic know exactly what it would mean for you as they have seen it play out time after time in the patients they serve.

Are you ready to turn your life around once and for all? While it is natural that as an addict you would fear the painful withdrawals from hydrocodone, new treatment options make it possible for you to detox in 8 hours while you are asleep. You’ll wake to a whole new life, free of the withdrawal symptoms that come from traditional detox.

How is this possible? If you have ever tried to go through detox alone, you know that narcotic withdrawal is not only physically painful, it’s also emotionally and psychologically challenging- some experts say it is virtually impossible to get through without help. At the Las Vegas Hydrocodone Rapid Detox Clinic, you’ll be unconscious for the bulk of the withdrawal, allowing you to avoid all the worst symptoms of detox; after that, you’ll receive one-on-one care from a nurse during the first 24 hours.

You may have heard of clinics that offer ultra-rapid detox in just one hour, which is far too short to be safe. You’re likely to wake up in the middle of withdrawal and suffer the full impact of the very thing you’re trying to avoid. The procedure at the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Clinic is very safe; in fact it is monitored by a board-certified anesthesiologist with extensive skill and experience.

Sleep through your entire detox and avoid all of the following:

- Muscle and joint pain
- Insomnia
- Shaking
- Anxiety
- Nausea and vomiting
- Fever
- Cold flashes
- Sweating
- And other painful symptoms

Pain during withdrawal peaks at around the 2nd or 3rd day, typically retreating toward the end of the first week and slowing subsiding after. Compressing the first 8 days into a short 8-day time-frame allows the patient to sleep through the most difficult part of withdrawal. You deserve a second chance at the life you want. A safe, rapid hydrocodone detox can make that possible for you.

It is critical that the patient understands that rapid hydrocodone detox will only address the physical addiction- not the psychological aspects or the social influence that also go hand in hand with addiction. Your rapid detox package will include 3 days at a local recovery center, however it is highly advised that you either make arrangements to extend your stay or enroll in a program in your own community.

Call for safe and rapid hydrocodone detox today at 877-647-2177 and get the boost you need to turn your life around. At the Las Vegas clinic, you can safely quit the physical addiction to hydrocodone in 8 hours.
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