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Why We Need Heroin Rehab In Arizona

Arizona is the epicenter of a heroin epidemic and it has been for almost two decades. A documentary produced by students at the Arizona State Walter Cronkite School of Journalism detailed the addiction crisis and the need for heroin rehab in Arizona. The production was so good that it became the basis for a national effort to prevent heroin addiction.

Heroin addiction in Arizona has grown to the point that deaths from heroin overdose rose by 44 percent from 2014 to 2016 according to Arizona Senator John McCain. This death rate increases despite the availability of drugs that would prevent death from overdose. Arizona police forces have been trained in the use of the life saving drugs and carry them in their vehicles. The problem is being able to arrive in time.

These are some of the factors that make heroin so deadly in Arizona and the need for successful heroin rehab in Arizona so great.

Proximity to supply

The majority of heroin that comes to Arizona is produced in Mexico according to the DEA. The long border with Mexico produces ample opportunity to smuggle the drug into all parts of Arizona. Some journalists have found that much of the heroin in Arizona comes from Afghanistan and not Mexico.

Physical withdrawal

Heroin is one of a handful of addictive substances that produces physical withdrawal symptoms. Body pain is a reality of getting off heroin. Physical withdrawal can lead to extreme health risks including heart failure.

Easier to get than prescription opiates

Some people need prescription opiates to deal with real medical conditions. Governments have made getting a prescription for an opiate extremely difficult. The aim of the laws was to prevent young people from abusing stolen drugs. The end result is that young opiate addicts seek out heroin. Older people who really need pain killers may become addicted as well.

Easy to overdose

There is no recipe for mixing heroin prior to sale. The distributors do not test the product that they sell. The buyers do not know what strength of heroin they are buying. This lack of understanding leads to overdoses and deaths from heroin overdoses. The quality of heroin has improved in Arizona over time so overdose rates have gone up.

People start young

The average age that people in Arizona first begin using heroin has steadily gone down for the last 20 years. The consequences are a threat to the survival of as many as 40 percent of the citizens of the state. This can become a personal tragedy that lasts a lifetime. Some look forward to a string of rehabs but never truly recover. Many are dogged by a drug conviction that prevents them from reaching their full potential no matter how long they stay free from heroin. The system just lets some die.


Heroin costs everyone in Arizona money. If you pay taxes then you are paying to fight the heroin epidemic. You pay in lost jobs, lost income, and wasted opportunities.

Heroin is so wide spread that few families in Arizona have not felt its demonic touch personally. The right type of heroin rehab in Arizona can guarantee recovery from heroin addiction. New models of treatment have been developed that produce much higher rates of long term recovery from heroin addiction.


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