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Florida Rehab

One of the main problems with substance abuse nowadays is that people mostly are looking to enter rehabilitation programs when their condition is already way too advanced. It doesn’t mean that the rehabilitation process won’t work for them, but it does say the success rate of the treatment will drop significantly in their case. Meridian Treatment Solutions is dealing with the same problem.

Florida rehab programs are put to the test by people with advanced stages of addiction, the type of which will leave marks for years to come, potentially for a lifetime. Drug abuse and alcoholism rank among the most common types of addiction worldwide, and those that cause most health problems than any other.

There are, in general, three ways by which substance abuse ends up affecting the addict’s life:

1. Immediate and long-term physical and mental side-effects

We are talking about those related to the consumption of illicit drugs, prescription opioids used for recreational purposes and alcoholism. Any of these cases will deliver unwanted physical effects, like digestive problems, brain damages, seizures, increased risk of stroke, vomiting, abdominal pain or changes in the appetite and the sleeping pattern. The psychological ones refer to anxiety, paranoia, aggressive tendencies, confusion, sudden mood swings, depression and suicidal tendencies.

2. Social damages

Those were having fallen prey to addiction will gradually detach themselves from those around them, be them friends, family, work colleagues and everyone in between. They also risk losing their jobs (and often do so) and develop massive financial problems as a result.

3. They become prisoners of a vicious circle

As Florida rehab centers have shown, all addicts go through 2 phases that prevent them from finding the redemption they sorely need: withdrawal and relapse. Withdrawal occurs whenever the addict goes clean ever for several hours to a day, after which symptoms like vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, shaking, confusion and delirium and even seizures will force him to ingest or inject the substance again. Relapse is the tendency to go back to using the substance still, even after more extended periods of going clean, including years.

Not only that these aspects concur to destroy the addict’s life in all aspects eventually, but they also make a recovery incredibly tricky.

The perfect rehabilitation plan

Although most likely the ideal rehabilitation plan doesn’t exist, some programs will deliver higher success rates than others. And the most effective ones, in the long run, are those tackling addiction from multiple perspectives: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social. A patient needs more than medical treatment. Dealing with addiction is a delicate process that may continue for years after the initial treatment has been finalized.

Most former addicts keep fighting their demons for their entire lives because all that Florida rehab programs can do is to help them overcome the most challenging threshold – fighting the withdrawal symptoms and treating their physical and mental problems. But, beyond that, it is the patients’ responsibility to seek to improve and maintain their lives’ quality. And Meridian Treatment Solutions is here for anyone in need, no matter how severe or complicated the addiction is. Because everyone deserves a second chance.