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Drug addiction has crushed a lot of dreams and ambitions. Taking illicit drugs is among the major causes of mental health issues. Fortunately, patients now have the chance to rebuild their lives and live an addiction-free life. All you need is to seek help from reputable drug rehab in Draper, Utah. Deer Hollow Recovery and Wellness Center is the ideal rehab center to turn to for your drug addiction treatment. We specialize in providing comprehensive care for trauma and addiction issues.

How Do I Prepare For A Drug Rehab?

Acknowledging that you need help is the first step and always the beginning of freedom. Since you have done this and decided to seek help at a rehab center, it is also essential to prepare for what is to come and be positive about it.

Staying in rehab requires you to be mentally and physically strong. So you need to prepare yourself in both ways, for you to stay focused, decisive and in sustaining your sobriety. When preparing for drug rehab, consider taking the following steps.

Inform your family, work, and anybody you are obliged to – It is essential to tie up loose ends before embarking on this road. Inform family and loved ones of your decision, so they can support you, discuss your intention with your employer, so your job will is secured during this period. Of course, you should be entitled to up to 12 weeks of medical leave according to the family and medical leave act.

Take Your Essentials Along - When going for rehab, take the necessities along, some of which is your clothing, books, journals, toiletries, backpacks, etc.

Keep An Open Mind - Always keep an open and positive mind when preparing for a rehab. Make friends, listen to them, and share your experiences with them, you can experience this recovery together.

Get A Book And Journal - Writing can always get your mind occupied. During rehab, be prepared to documents anything that comes to your mind, your experiences, coping skills, goals, and how you plan on achieving them. You can also write about other people too.

What Should I Bring Into Treatment?

Are you going in for the first time? There is no need to get nervous. You should only take the necessities along with you when going. Do not stress it!

Rehabs are different from each other, so are their policies and rules. However, when going into treatment, for most rehabs, these are the list of what you should take along."

  • Contacts address of your family, your loved ones and sponsor
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Cash or your credit cards
  • A form of identification
  • Insurance cards
  • Books and journals
  • Toiletries and beauty products
  • Pictures of your loved ones.

Choose Our Drug Rehab in Draper UT for Your Addiction Treatment

Are you in search of an effective way to overcome your alcohol issues? Contact us today at Deer Hollow Recovery and Wellness Center. Our alcohol treatment and detox procedures are well-detailed and highly effective. Our compassionate therapists will create a personalized treatment program for you. With us, you are in the right direction towards living an alcohol-free life.

Drug Rehab Draper

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Drug Rehab Utah

Substance abuse continues to be an epidemic in society. Human beings are flawed, and the downward spiral caused by drugs can begin with just one wrong decision.

What effects does substance abuse have on users and families?

Unfortunately, substance abuse does not just affect the user, though they often experience health problems in addition to the immense dangers brought on by its use. No, substance abuse also affects everyone around them. Friends loved ones, and co-workers can be affected negatively by someone with substance abuse issues, mostly through actions taken by the user to get to the next high. Dealing with drug addiction is a devastating and destructive thing.

Finding help is important.

When it comes time to find help, there are a plethora of treatment options available, but how do you know which one is the right fit? Each clinic can offer a unique service but knowing if the staff is dedicated and concerned for the well-being of their clients is the most crucial factor of finding a treatment facility to help with the road to sobriety.

There is one treatment center, in particular, located in beautiful Utah, that stands as a cut above the rest in the recovery and wellness of their patients.

What drug rehabilitation facilities in Utah have earned the best reviews?

In Utah, there is one particular treatment center that stands out: Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Centers.

Our team is dedicated and experienced, having worked with those who have substance abuse issues for several years.  Our team knows what it is like for those seeking recovery as well as the loved ones trying to get help for those they care about. Having compassion and understanding is an asset that some treatment facilities don't have while Deer Hollow has it in spades.

We have a treatment program that follows specialized therapies. Not only do we address the physical responses to substance abuse, we understand the mental and emotional impact that it has. Our unique clinical groups allow us to help the clients recognize unhealthy patterns, learn to cope more effectively and provide the opportunity to put these new approaches into practice while maintaining a supportive environment.

Our facilities follow a strict schedule to provide structure and consistency for our clients. Those qualities can help someone struggling with substance abuse to focus on their scheduled activities instead of the need to use.

Deer Hollow believes in physical health as well as mental health.

We employ exercises as well because we know the benefits that healthy activity can have on the body and mind. Keeping our clients on a healthy diet while providing physical and mental exercise helps to develop their independence from the substances they have become so dependent upon.

During our scheduled daily routine, we have multiple therapy groups to aid in the recovery process. This includes behavioral therapy, cognitive processing therapy, and community communication. These groups encourage sharing and listening, allowing our clients to share the struggles they are feeling while building support for one another and developing comradery with those struggling alongside them.

Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Centers have been dedicated to guiding those in need down the path of recovery and continue to develop new ways to help those in need lead a sober, healthy life.

Drug Rehab Draper Utah

When you are considering any sort of rehab for addiction, one of your first tasks will be determining the type of treatment that suits you best. The more that you know about all of the types of addiction centers that are available today, the easier it will be for you to get the right level of treatment and personalized care. This will mean taking a look at the options available for drug rehab in Draper Utah and weighing the pros and cons of each before making a choice. 

What Is Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation? 

Rehabilitation, which is often referred to as rehab, is used to help anyone who is recovering from addictions to drugs, alcohol, or both. Some facilities will specialize in helping patients who have a specific type of addiction, while others will offer a broader range of services for drug addiction. The facilities are often staffed by trained personnel, including medical staff, office staff, therapists, and more. You will find different levels of facilities as well, including those that are basic up to centers that are referred to as a luxury facility. 

How Long Is Inpatient Treatment?

This can depend on a variety of factors. As you look for drug rehab in Draper Utah, you will find that shorter term stays could last between 5 to 7 days to go through detoxification and physical stabilization. However, there are options for longer-term inpatient treatments that could last anywhere from 60 to 90 days, or even more. This will all depend on the patient, how their treatment is structured, and other factors. However, the average stay for a patient in an inpatient facility is around 28 days.

What Types Of Rehab Are There? 

The beautiful thing about selecting a rehab program is that there are options out there to fit in with different patient needs and budgets. Because addiction comes in so many various forms, it is equally vital that recovery does as well. The different types of rehab include: 

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Residential treatment
  • Recovery house or sober living 

When it comes to drug rehab in Draper Utah, it is essential that you think about the type of treatment available and to find the right option that focuses on the care that you or your loved one needs. It is crucial to any addict as they move forward that they have the caring support system that they need to remain accountable and work on the steps along the way. 

No matter what you may be facing, we want you to know that Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Centers are here to provide you with the support and treatment you require. We feature comprehensive care for both addiction and trauma when you need drug rehab in Draper Utah. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we can set up a time for admission or for you and your loved ones to take a tour of our facility. As a locally owned and operated drug rehab center, we focus our on spiritual, social, psychological, and physical recovery to get you back on a healthier, sober path for living.

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