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Drug Detox South Florida

The drug rehabilitation process is complex and involves a variety of standard and new procedures. If you’re having any drug problems, we urge you to contact us, at Drug Helpline so that we can begin the rehab treatment. You can’t afford to allow the addiction advance too much; the side-effects will worsen as time passes.

Our programs of drug detox in South Florida rely on efficiency and long-lasting results. Unlike other rehab institutions, we don’t settle for one or two rehab procedures. Instead, we use a multidisciplinary approach to eliminate all your problems. Our rehab system includes programs like:

Clinical detox – Using medication to control withdrawal and reduce its symptoms. The immediate effect is that you will find freedom from the pain and the discomfort caused by addiction. In the long run, your cravings will decrease, allowing you to regain your self-control and mental strength.

Psychological recovery – Psychotherapies are a vital part of the rehab process. We have a team of professionals providing you with all the mental support you need during the recovery period. The goal of our psychotherapies goes beyond the immediate and, instead, aims for long-term sobriety.

Holistic healing – This notion revolves around the idea of wholeness. The body, the psyche, and the spirit are all in close relation to one another. We treat the human body as a whole, instead of focusing on specific aspects only. Our program of holistic healing includes fitness and nutrition guidance, pain management, spiritual recovery, anger management, etc.

The 12-Step Program – The 12-Step Program is one of our key components of our drug detox in South Florida. We use this procedure as a tool to revive your set of values and build the foundation of a life of sobriety and happiness. You can call us for more info about the process, and we’ll be happy to provide you with it.

The Sober Living Program – After we’ve managed to stabilize your condition, the next process involves sober living and learning how to regain your independence. We’ll prepare you for social reintegration in one of our superb sober living environments that focus on long-term recovery and relapse prevention.

Education, relapse prevention, and remaining sober- The long-term relapse is always a threat when dealing with drug addiction. We want to secure your future and help you stay on track throughout the years to come. At this point, your family will get involved, as we’ll teach your loved ones how to identify the signs of relapse, and how to help you when they do.

These programs of drug detox in South Florida show how invested we are in your recovery. We combine our vast experience with the passion for helping people for creating one of the most reliable rehab programs in the country. Drug addiction is brutal and threatens your very life in the long run.

With our help, at Drug Helpline, you can turn things around. You can have the drug-free life you’ve always dreamed about. Contact us, and let’s start the treatment today!

Drug Detox South Florida