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Drug Addiction Statistics 2021

Considering recently released reports about drug addiction statistics 2021, there is an urgency involved in seeking treatment for an addiction. While on the one hand it can be scary thinking about the recovery process, on the other hand, there are many compelling reasons to get help for an addiction right now. The longer you wait to contact a rehab, the more difficult it will be to undergo treatment. Alcohol Services is a free resource set up to assist you in finding the best rehab in your community. Explore free blog articles, content, and state-specific contacts to help you take the first step.

Drug Addiction Stats 2021

The news reports a bleak picture when it comes to addiction; more and more young adults are turning to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping with the difficulties of life. Last year alone, more than two and a half million Americans reported recently abusing drugs; the number that goes unreported annually significantly inflates what we are able to measure with statistics.

More Drug Addiction Statistics 2021

One of the most amazing facts about addiction is that it typically stems from a mental health issue that also prevents many addicts from getting well. Dual diagnosis treatment is designed to address the addiction and underlying mental illness; this type of treatment is commonly referred to as holistic recovery, and it's very effective in treating all types of addiction. 2021 drug abuse and addiction statistics paint a dark picture; however, addiction is highly treatable. Explore all of the resources on Alcohol Services for help getting clean and sober.

Interesting Drug Addiction Trends and Statistics

In 2021, there are nearly 20,000 rehabs across the US. Before you choose one for recovery services, it's important to note that not all treatment centers have a high success rate in treating addiction- some are revolving door facilities that are more interested in payment than treatment. Take your time when looking for a treatment facility, explore all of your options, and get in touch with experts from Alcohol Services who can direct your steps in the early phases of treatment.

Covid and Addiction

It's not surprising that substance abuse use during the pandemic has skyrocketed; many rehabs have stepped up their efforts to offer treatment to newly addicted patients by expanding the levels of care provided in their facility. It's not uncommon today to find telehealth recovery services, Web-based treatment, and loosely-structured outpatient care to meet the needs of those with busy schedules. Add conventional treatments, like residential and IOP programs and you can see that patients have many options when seeking help for an addiction.

Get help for drug abuse or alcoholism today by spending time on Alcohol Services and reviewing our free resources. Start in our blog reading the signs and symptoms of addiction, then get in touch with us by phone if you have additional questions. You can reach a recovery specialist by calling 844-454-5940; let us know how we can help.


Drug Addiction Statistics 2021