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Relapse does not discriminate. It affects forty to sixty percent of people who through rehab according to a 2014 research report by JAMA. Many sober people do not understand why an addict would risk their lives by reverting to drug use after an expensive rehab session.

Science explains that the brain’s release of dopamine during drug abuse is the most significant contributor to the desire to relapse. This pleasure hormone d deludes drug users to ignore other facets of their lives, such as eating because they enjoy the pleasure of the drug. The unfathomable recklessness erodes the patient’s frontal cortex, which is responsible for the planning and recognition of problems.

Trying to maintain the results of alcohol treatment in Laguna Niguel is a tough call for most alcohol addicts. Casual drinkers will have an easy time saying no to one glass of wine, while heavy drinkers will need the intervention of a rehab facility. Here are a few ways that one can eventually quit drinking when their body has a biological setup that can withstand the withdrawal. 

Sudden stop

An abrupt stop of alcohol usage is the riskiest yet fastest way of quitting. Dr. Kevon Wandler of Advanced Recovery states that the formula is best for people who enjoy rare casual drinks. Do not put your family or friend through this process because they might experience a life-threatening condition.


People with a biological dependence on alcohol can gradually taper the intake. They, however, have an easier time reducing the consumption gradually than addicts who cannot manipulate their nerves with the reduction of drinks.

Asking for support

Everyone who struggles to quit drinking needs some form of moral and emotional support. It is easier to stop when your circle can keep away the bottles and glasses of alcohol in your presence. Fortunately, TruVida can offer excellent professional support to improve your firmness against usage drastically.

The medical team will give you professional support while group meetings will let you know that your journey is not unique or unbearable. Include your family members in outpatient alcohol treatment in Laguna Niguel so they can understand your plight and stages of recovery.


Self-help materials like books and videos of sobriety provide unmatched insight into the battle of alcohol treatment in Laguna Niguel. Luckily, the Internet has thousands of helpful content on platforms like Amazon and YouTube. Carry a book for a residential stay at our facility or take advantage of the Internet to peek into people’s experiences of finally giving up the habit.

Supportive apps

App developers are at the frontier of the world’s embrace of technology. These platforms are an essential part of our lives because they reflect the reality of real life. Find an app that will help you keep track of your alcohol intake by maintaining storage of the sobriety dates.

Alcohol rehab

This solution is a comprehensive one for one who wants the safest environment for recovery. The formal methods of treatment at TruVida recovery allow you to maintain a sober life for longer because the techniques have enough scientific and proven backings.



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