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At Stonegate Center, we create an individualized treatment plan for each of our patients and use a variety of treatments like equine therapy, individual therapy, nutrition therapy, family therapy, etc., to address dual diagnosis. As one of the leading alcohol treatment centers in Texas, we also offer ongoing care programs to our recovering addicts to strengthen their commitment to sobriety.

Benefits of equine therapy in rehab treatment

Equine therapy is a popular form of addiction therapy. It is highly effective in offering recovering addicts with mental relief and spiritual empowerment. While equine therapy seems like a luxurious sport, it can be a tedious task to establish a connection with an animal like the horse. It requires a great deal of commitment and effort on the part of recovering addicts. Individuals are responsible for feeding, grooming, and caring for the horses in equine therapy. Being one of the most intelligent animals, building any kind of relationship with a horse requires trust, mutual respect, and patience. Working with a horse builds a sense of responsibility in recovering addicts, which provides them with the feeling of being needed.

We use equine therapy to help build relationships, communication, and interpersonal skills in recovering addicts. It also plays a defining role in balancing internal feelings and improving confidence and assertiveness in individuals. Patients working with horses eventually develop an understanding of boundaries, and they learn to be more resilient and focused. 

Types of continuing care we offer

We continue to work with our recovering addicts through our ongoing care programs even after their time with us at rehab. We use these ongoing care sessions to engage recovering addicts in a series of counseling, individual therapy, check-ups, and 12-step group programs to solidify their commitment to sobriety.

We are one of the best alcohol treatment centers in Texas with highly-rewarding continuing care programs. We also conduct and moderate gender-based and faith-based support groups on a weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly basis to help our patients stay focused on sobriety in the long term.

Benefits of gender-specific treatment

Gender-specific addiction treatment is rehab programs designed exclusively for men and women battling addiction. Some of the benefits include:

  • It allows our therapists to create individualized treatment programs and addresses the fundamental biological and cultural differences between men and women.
  • We customize the counseling and psychotherapy sessions to address the gender-unique physiological and emotional issues.
  • Recovering addicts enjoy elevated comfort, and they begin to build a sense of trust and bonding with their same-sex peers in rehab treatment.
  • It eliminates the presence of sexual tension with the opposite sex and minimizes distractions during recovery.
  • Gender-sensitive group therapies and support group sessions allow for open communication about societal and cultural pressures between recovering addicts.

At Stonegate Center, we are here to help 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat. As one of the faith-based alcohol treatment centers in Texas, our team of highly-experienced treatment specialists work closely with each of our patients and play an integral role in helping them attain sobriety. Call us now at (817) 993-9733 or visit

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