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At Oaks of Hope, we know how deceiving alcohol can be and how much it can impact your wellbeing. Abusing alcohol regularly can lead you to addiction without you even realizing it. We want to raise awareness on the dangers of alcohol abuse and inform you of the solutions we’re offering.

We have a state-of-the-art alcohol substance abuse treatment in So Cal that will change your life around. If you’re looking to join a top rehab treatment, now’s the time to give us a call. We’ve helped countless people leave alcoholism behind and give their lives meaning again. The good news is that, although you may abuse alcohol regularly, or even daily, it doesn’t mean you’re addicted to it. But you’re not too far from it either.

To correct the situation you’re in means to tackle the behavior that’s causing it in the first place. And that requires an intricate approach, one that relies on a multitude of rehab programs. That’s precisely what we have in store for you at our centers. Among the programs we’re offering, we include:

Detoxification – Depending on your clinical status, you may not need to go through the detoxification process. Just in case, we have our clinicians ready to build a personalized detox strategy that will last between three and ten days. That’s generally enough to stabilize your behavior and restore your chemical balance in the brain.

Dual diagnosis – Often, patients who abuse alcohol for long periods of time end up developing various mental disorders. Depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorder – all these will impact your mental functioning greatly. During our alcohol substance abuse treatment in So Cal, we’ll treat these diseases with the same proficiency as we do with the alcoholism itself.

Psychological recovery – This is where many rehab facilities fail to deliver in style. A patient’s mental and emotional status speaks volumes about the individual’s ability to recover in the long run. We want to help you leave addiction behind and start to enjoy life like you used to. For that, we have a multitude of programs and activities you will take part in, including swimming, hiking, meditation, family therapies, and spiritual support, to name a few.

Aftercare and relapse prevention – Since the relapse it’s such a significant risk during most attempts of alcohol detox, we’ll take extra measures to increase the effectiveness of the rehab program. Our aftercare strategy includes a variety of procedures, including Alumni Aftercare, Social Support Development or Continuing Care Planning and Follow-Up.

As you can see, our alcohol substance abuse treatment in So Cal is anything but conventional. We have plenty of recreational activities you can try out, along with a passionate, experienced team of experts ready to assist you along the way. If you’re looking for a better life, you need us as your allies.

Come to Oaks of Hope today, and let’s start adding some color into your life! Life is the most precious gift you could’ve hoped for – enjoy it!

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