Alcohol Rehab Utah

Though completely legal, alcohol is an addictive substance that has had a substantial impact on society. Each year, millions try to deal with alcohol addictions that control their lives, damage their health, and harm their families.

But because alcohol is legal, it is all the more difficult to manage alcohol addiction. After all, it is as simple as going to a corner or grocery store and picking out an alcoholic beverage whereas harder drugs at least require a bit of work to get ahold of.

One of the most challenging parts of any addiction is getting the addict to admit that there is a problem. If they are not ready for help, they will fight it every step of the way, and the recovery process will not be successful. Only when the person is prepared to admit that there is a problem can the recovery and the healing begin.

When searching for a treatment and rehabilitation facility to treat those addiction problems, it is imperative to find a facility with a staff that not only cares for their patients but has an understanding as to what the addict is going through. It is not that they want to do the things that they do, but the alcohol and its grip over the person can make them do outlandish and crazy things to feed the addiction.

In the Utah area, there is one treatment facility in particular that stands out above the rest and should be your go-to option for alcohol treatment and recovery.

Where can I find an alcohol rehabilitation facility in Utah?

Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Centers stands a cut above the rest for their understanding of addiction and their dedication towards the path to recovery.

In addition to the primary treatment center, Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Centers also has residential and recovery residences to help in the recovery process. The recovery residences are split between two locations, one for males and one for females. Each house is a vast, aesthetically pleasing residence with 4,500 SQ FT, a basketball court, cable, and Wi-Fi. The community is reliable and supportive of those staying in the recovery residences and staying in the houses teaches personal accountability, teaches life skills, and assists in finding employment. Weekly house meetings allow for status updates on how each is doing in their path to recovery.

With an RN and licensed clinical social workers on the staff, those seeking treatment can know that they are receiving the best care possible from those trained and experienced to handle addiction treatment. Our team works diligently with you each step of the way, ensuring that you are staying on goal and listening to your concerns, addressing those and any questions you have along the way.

We understand that the road to recovery is not a quick or easy one, but we work tirelessly to give the best possible care so that our clients can leave with a new lease on life and look forward to living without the weight and burden of addiction.

Alcohol Rehab Utah
Deer Hollow Recovery
Alcohol Rehab Utah
1481 E Pioneer Rd
Draper UT 84020 US

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