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Alcohol Rehab Studio City

At The Giving Tree, we offer you the opportunity to get your life back. Alcoholism is a progressive disease with severe consequences in the long-term. But while most people are aware of some of the effects, they are oblivious to the one that matters the most – the destruction of the human spirit. Alcoholism will change who you are as a person.

We’ve designed our program of alcohol rehab in Studio City using a mix of different procedures and disciplines. Currently, there are no ways to cure the disorder. All experts can do is to offer ways to manage the disorder, and most of them rely on medication for that. As experience has taught us, that’s not enough.

The system we’re using offers a holistic treatment with the goal of remapping your view on the world, your goals in life, and your spirit. We achieve that through procedures like:

Behavioral Therapies

Our first goal is to stabilize your condition and restore your mental functionality. We achieve that through therapies like CBT, DBT, EMDR or eco-therapy. The benefits you should expect are numerous:

  • Lower aggression and irritability
  • Stabilizing your behavior and emotional display
  • Eliminating the need to drink
  • Restore your normal cognitive functioning
  • Help overcome your emotional traumas
  • Address co-occurring disorders
  • Rebuild your self-esteem and confidence
  • Strengthen your determination, etc.

At our center in Studio City, we promote self-discovery, unity, and trust. You will interact with other patients during our group therapy meetings, share your stories, and fuel each other’s hopes and dreams. It’s a serene, friendly environment where you’ll find nothing but positivity and joy.

Life skills and relapse prevention

Our program of alcohol rehab in Studio City functions on the idea of relapse prevention. Everything we do follows that goal. We have educational courses in place, meant to teach you the essentials of:

  • Improving your lifestyle significantly
  • Fixing your financial problems and getting a better job
  • Avoiding the social triggers that may cause you to relapse
  • Working your way towards a career
  • Set achievable life goals and focus on them permanently
  • Become more socially active and friendly
  • Repair your marriage and family, etc.

All these aspects will keep you away from making the same mistake twice. To remain sober, you need to make sobriety one of your life’s goals.

Spiritual healing

The most challenging aspect of the rehab is helping the spirit heal. The moment your spirit dies is when life ceases to have meaning anymore. Our treatment of alcohol rehab in Studio City includes spiritual healing as a vital part of the recovery process. We promote meditation, introspection, Reiki healing, and spiritual bonding to help you access your positive side.

Spiritual healing is all about promoting kindness, positivity, honesty, and moral verticality. It’s about changing your world by changing yourself first. The Giving Tree is a place of transformation and friendship. We’ll become your family for the entire duration of the treatment, and we can’t wait to hear your story. Contact us today and make an appointment!

Alcohol Rehab Studio City
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