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Alcoholism has a lot of negative effects on your health. Heavy drinking cause liver issues, digestive system problems, and other health challenges. Alcohol consumption is also known to increase cancer risks. For effective results in alcohol treatment, it is usually recommended that you seek help from reputable alcohol rehab. Deer Hollow Recovery and Wellness Center is the ideal alcohol rehab in Draper Utah to turn to.

Reliable Provider of Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Draper UT

At Deer Hollow Recovery and Wellness Center, we understand the dangers of alcoholism and heavy drinking. For several years, we have been known to offer excellent, highly effective treatment procedures to alcohol patients. We treat both young and adults patients in Draper, Utah and nearby cities.

In addition, we offer compassionate and well-detailed alcohol treatment procedures. Our alcohol rehab in Draper Utah provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere to help with your recovery. Our compassionate and kind rehab staff and therapists will support and guide you throughout your time at the treatment facility.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Every individual is unique, so does the treatment for an individual. A particular treatment plan does not work for everybody, so there is no definite answer to how long the treatment for a patient will take because the way and pace people recover from addiction is different from each other.

You may be wondering how long the treatment will take? Nevertheless, there are treatment plans offered by most facilities that you can choose from. Detoxification is usually the first step in solving addiction issues. It takes an average of 7-10 days in clearing and flushing out these substances from the body.

The patient should always choose the one he thinks will give him or her the highest shot at sobriety. The most patients with severe and dire need at least 90days in an intensive inpatient facility, while patients with mild addiction can go for the 30-60 days options.

Research has shown that the more extended the stay in treatment, the better the outcome. Lastly, to prevent relapse after rehab, “Aftercare” is essential, doctors do recommend aftercare programs like support groups.

What Happens After Rehab?

The road to sobriety does not just stop at the end of rehab. To overcome and have a healthy life is a continuous process. It is crucial to have a plan ahead in order not to fall into temptation again.  Most people go back to their normal life, their work, family, schools, but what are your plans against these “triggers of before.”

That is why doctors usually recommend aftercare services for you after rehab.  The following are the types of aftercare you should go for after rehab:

  • Individual therapy
  • Regular check up with a professional.
  • Enroll in a support group
  • Check out online treatments program like SMART
  • Build a new social life and engage in healthy activities.

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Are you suffering from alcohol addiction? Specialized alcohol treatment at Deer Hollow Recovery and Wellness Center is just the ideal solution to your alcohol issues. Contact us today to know more about our alcohol treatment procedures. Our qualified therapists will be available to speak with you and discuss the treatment options available to you. A life-transforming experience awaits you.

Alcohol Rehab Draper Utah
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Alcohol Rehab Draper Utah
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